Conference Details

Conference comprising of detailed discussion on Boiler Manufacturing Technology, O & M of Boiler and Opportunities of Skill Development & Employment in the field of Boiler.

Boiler Manufacturing Industries

  • Pathway for Successful Boiler Manufacturer.
  • Latest trend in Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger
    Manufacturing Technology.
  • Advance Technology in NDE (PAUT, TOFD, EMAT, IRIS, NOTIS)
  • Latest Heat Transfer Equipments (Thermocompressor, Heat Pipe etc.)
  • Instrumentation and Control, Latest Sensing & Measuring Devices & its Manufacturing.
  • Introduction to International Codes for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacturing (ASME, ASTM, ANSI, GHOST, BS, DIN, JIS, API etc.)

Steam Utilising Industries

  • Selection of Boiler and Feasibility of Fuel Change in Boiler.
  • Optimisation of boiler efficiency and steam utilisation.
  • Super critical boiler technology.
  • Solar Thermal Steam Generation.
  • Water Chemistry and Latest Technology in Water Treatment.
  • Failures & Boiler Accidents.
  • Condition Assessment and Life Extension with Upgraded Method.
  • Clinker Prevention and Removal-Safety Practices.

Skill Development and Employment Opportunities in

  • High Pressure Welder Qualification and Welding Methodology.
  • NDE Education and Certification, Level II, Level III.
  • Energy Audit in Boiler, Boiler Operation Engineer Qualification and Boiler Attendant Qualification.
  • Designing of Piping Layout and Pipe Stress Analysis.
  • Water Treatment, Effluent Treatment and Pollution Control.
  • Alignment & Balancing of Rotary Machines and Servicing of Boiler and its Components.